1. What is the difference between condensed milk and regular milk?

Condensed milk also often referred as sweetened condensed milk is a form of regular milk with water removed and sugar added. There is also evaporated milk which has similar qualities to sweetened condensed milk, but without sugar.

2. Can I use normal sugar as well?

Yes, if you don’t have condensed milk, using white or brown sugar is fine as well. Yet most people prefer to use condensed milk because it adds a richer flavor to the coffee.

3. Is this Premium Coffee Set only for Vietnamese Coffee?

No. While this Coffee Set was made for vietnamese coffee, you can also use it with normal coffee which makes it very flexible. The only thing you should keep in mind is to use medium ground coffee otherwise the fine ground coffee will go through the perforated ceramic filter into the cup.

4. What makes this Coffee Set better than the normal “phin”?

Compared to the widely common phin made of metal, the Vinabrew Coffee Set is made of ceramic. Using ceramic has the big advantage that it doesn’t add any artificial flavor to the coffee. Even though most people won’t even notice the difference, coffee lovers will learn to appreciate the genuine taste.