100% Flavour

The ceramic filter and the neutral filter paper is able to retain the genuine taste without adding any artifical flavour to the coffee.

Heat Resistant

The double wall glass and ceramic filter is able to preserve heat better and therefore keeps the coffee longer hot.

Easy Cleaning

A more simple design compared to conventional phins prevents coffee ground from stucking in the holes.

How it works

1. Coffee

The ground coffee goes to the bottom of the filter. Medium grind is a good level to start with but can vary from coarse to espresso fine.

2. Slow Dripping

The water will then make its way  through the coffee filter and drip onto the milk. The brewing time depends on how tight the filter is screwed on.

3. Sweetened Condensed Milk

Depending on how sweet you want the coffee, put about 1-2 spoons of condensed milk into the glass.

Complete Set

VinaBrew - A Premium Vietnamese Coffee Set

89,00 €

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Starter Set

VinaBrew - A Premium Vietnamese Coffee Set

69,00 €

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Double Wall Glasses

VinaBrew - A Premium Vietnamese Coffee Set

19,00 €

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